About Diane

Diane is an inspirational speaker, teacher, counselor and healer, as well as a writer. After the publication of her first book in 2006 (Cusco: Gateway to Inner Wisdom), she was invited to teach over thirty workshops in more than twenty countries on six continents, which gave her a chance to do everything she loves – teach, learn, share, inspire. These experiences teaching the Munay-Ki initiation rites with her Swedish husband Christer, lead to the publication of her second book, Cusco II: The Magic of the Munay-Ki, A Love Story.

Diane is a story-teller and her stories are about her own experiences, insights, and visions. They are about the amazing things that happen when she stayed out of her own way and allowed the magic of life to unfold.

She’s from New York and after a career in theatre, she graduated from Union Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. In the 1990s she worked in South Africa just after the liberation of Nelson Mandela developing an outreach program for the homeless in Johannesburg. It was there she was introduced to Peruvian shamanism and was inspired by her teacher to create a spiritual center in Cusco’s Sacred Valley.

In 2000 she moved to Peru where she built Paz y Luz Retreat. Her first book is about her magical adventure into the land of the Inkas, where she met powerful Andean Masters who taught her to know and live in a new way. In sharing her adventure and the teachings of the Andean Spiritual tradition, she invites readers to discover their own wisdom, power and purpose; to tap into the never-ending source of universal love that can transform their lives.

A Peruvian tour guide living in Sweden read the book on one of his trips to Peru where he sought out Diane and her retreat center. The next group he brought from Sweden included Christer who became her husband within the year, leaving his life in Stockholm to run Paz y Luz with Diane.

After four short magical years together, he died suddenly. Having contact with Christer for nearly a year after his death, Diane was inspired to write her third book, a novel called Cusco III: Grace Period, about love, death and transformation.

In September 2022, she began a new practice communicating with her Soul, who became known to her as Kiara. They communicate not with words, but a language of the heart. Through sound, color, codes and finally a written message.

This practice opened her to hear and see and expand beyond what she had formerly known, becoming more in tune with the unseen world assisting her. Friends who read her daily posts commented on how the Pearl and the code spoke directly to them about issues in their own life. I have come to Realizing these messages, although personal to her, could also be helpful to others, she decided to share Kiara’s Pearls of Light as a book and on this site so others can benefit from their wisdom.







Check out her new book Cusco III: Grace Period.

Diane continues to offer private healing sessions and workshops on request. email

Watch a short video of Diane at Paz y Luz.