About Diane

Diane Dunn, author of  “CUSCO: The Gateway to Inner Wisdom”, and “CUSCO II: The Magic of the Munay-ki – A Love Story”, is a healer and teacher of the Andean Spiritual tradition, self-empowerment and healing.

She is originally from New York and after a career in theatre, she graduated from Union Theological Seminary. In the 1990s she worked in South Africa just after the liberation of Nelson Mandela developing an outreach program for homeless people in downtown Johannesburg, where she lead a weekly support group and healing circle.

In 2000 she moved to Peru to create a center where people from all over the world, with many spiritual and healing traditions could gather together in the powerful energy of the Andes. Three years later, Paz y Luz was born, starting with her house and a few guest rooms. It grew over the years to 24 guest rooms, 3 two-bedroom bungalows, 2 dedicated healing rooms, a restaurant, a spa and two beautiful glass-walled conference rooms  ideal for yoga, dance, art and other workshops.

Check out her new book Cusco III: Grace Period.


Diane continues to offer private healing sessions and workshops on request. email

Watch a short video of Diane at Paz y Luz.