CUSCO: The Gateway to Inner Wisdom

This moment in our collective history, with all its upheaval and unrest, was predicted by the Inkas over 500 years ago. It is the time before the dawning of a golden new age of peace, called the Taripay Pacha, the time of meeting ourselves again. Visitors from all over the world now converge on Peru to take in its spiritual energy and learn the secrets of the Andean path.

Cusco: The Gateway to Inner Wisdom is the story of one woman’s journey from theatrical producer in New York, to outreach minister in South Africa, to initiate of the Andean spiritual tradition in Peru. Her story has import and meaning in this time of transition, as many people search for understanding. The questions, answers and exercises at the end of each chapter offer a practical guide on the Andean path.

Diane Dunn has been a spiritual seeker since childhood, and it was this relentless quest for deeper understanding and love that led her through a circuitous, magical adventure into the land of the Inkas, where she met two powerful Andean Masters who taught her to know and live in a new way. In sharing her adventure and the teachings of the Andean Spiritual tradition, she invites readers to discover their own wisdom, power and purpose; to tap into the never-ending source of universal love that can transform their lives.

You will be touched by her awesome and uplifting story, which will resonate with your own. Cusco will awaken and inspire you on your journey toward self-discovery and expanded consciousness.

Step through the gateway now.