CUSCO II: The Magic of the Munay-ki—A love story

Cover of Cusco II by Diane DunnThe Nine Munay-Ki Initiation Rites became available in this form in 2007. Since then they have spread around the world with amazing speed and impact, helping people awaken their higher consciousness.

Diane first received in the Munay-Ki in June 2007. Just a few days later she met Christer, the love of her life, who came to her retreat center in Cusco’s Sacred Valley in Peru, with his group from Sweden.

This book weaves Diane and Christer’s poignant love story with the magic of the Munay-Ki. Her healing journey with Christer, as well as her experiences teaching these rites around the world in different cultural settings, made her realize the energy of these rites touched something deep in people’s psyche – the place where magic abounds.

This book guides you to connect with Divine Source to become a co-creator of the world you can dream into being.

Access the Magic. The time is now.